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Our team has carried out a number of commercial projects. Regardless of their size, these projects were all completed with the same regard for quality and customer satisfaction. In order to facilitate consultation, we have classified these projects as follows:


Cité les Trois R

Location: Saint-Jérôme
Built: 2015-2016

Construction of a residential building of 65 units

Coopérative le courant du quartier

Coopérative le courant du quartier
Location: Montréal
Built: 2014-2015

Construction of three groups of apartment buildings, each with two blocks - a total of 57 apartments.

Coopérative de solidarité Bois Ellen

Coopérative de solidarité Bois Ellen
Location: Laval, Qc
Built: 2014-2015-2016

New construction of 166 apartments.

Habitation Victoria-Barclay

Victoria-Barclay Apartment
Location: Montréal
Built: 2013-2014

Construction of an eight level building, housing 67 apartments for families.  Concrete structure.

Habitation de Lanaudière

Lanaudiere Apartment
Location: Montréal
Built: 2011-2012

Complete renovation of the building envelope.

Habitation Coteau Vert et Un Toit Pour Tous

Coteau Vert and Un Toit Pour Tous Apartment Complex
Location: Montréal
Built: 2009-2010

Construction of new apartment complex holding 155 apartment units.

Habitation Rousselot

Rousselot Apartments
Location: Montréal
Built: 2008-2009

Construction of three new apartment buildings, a total of 86 apartment units. Wood structure.

Habitation des Nations

Des Nations Apartments
Location: Montréal
Built: 2006-2007

Construction of a new 4  four level concrete structure apartment building, plus basement (+/- 20 000 sq.ft.) A total of 82 apartments.

Habitations Place Lachine

Place Lachine Apartment Complex
Location: Lachine
Built: 2006-2007

Complete restauration and rebuilding of 5 buildings holding 250 apartment units.

Habitations Rodolphe Forget

Habitations Rodolphe Forget
Location: Montréal
Built: 2005-2006

Construction of 103 affordable housing residences for senior citizens with loss of autonomy. As well as 16 affordable housing apartments for families.

Résidence étudiants - ETS

ETS Student residence
Location: Montréal
Built: 2000-2001

Construction of a new 6-level building, 75 apartments. Concrete structure.

Résidence étudiants Stewart Hall

Stewart Hall Residence
Location: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Qc
Built: 1995

Transformation of an existing building into 57 student residences for John Abbott College.

Habitations Benny

Benny Appartements
Location: Montréal
Built: 1991

Construction of a new 4-level building with 35 apartments for families. Concrete structure.

Habitations André Laurendeau

André Laurendeau Appartements
Location: Montréal
Built: 1980

Transformation of a school building into a low income apartment complex of 41 accomodations.

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